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Realtime Immersion is the defining principle for XR First Systems, promising highest physical comfort and sense of presence through sophisticated visual performance, dynamic environments and realistic haptic perception.

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Realtime Immersion


Unique XR-First

Each of our solutions complies with "XR-First" guidelines. For best results and user activation, the physical world is blended with the virtual to create a unique experience. Streamlined interactions and workflows, and an engaging narrative with high degrees of agency can make any virtual experience feel like the real thing. In any room, in a suit, a simulator or on a screen.

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All-In-One Platform

Our software framework provides our artists and engineers with the best development environment for Mixed Reality. A forge of excellent simulations with authentic visuals, high frame rates, and convincing animations. A highly reactive and immersive AI within a dynamic and changing virtual environment breathes life into each experience.

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Usability & Experience

At the centre of all our solutions is the human being. Technology alone is no guarantee of success; people need to be able to utilise and understand it. Years of experience in virtual world creation has taught us how to overcome simulation sickness, avoid the uncanny valley, create strong embodiment effects, offer the best user interaction, and design a superb human-machine interface.

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Spatial Computing

RT Simulation Ecosystem

Whether it's our Sensor System, open protocols, industry plugins, software APIs for Houdini or Carla - or a wide variety of headsets and input devices: The RT Simulation Ecosystem adapts to your needs and workflows. And with the RT Editor Suite, our All-In-One software framework, the focus shifts to product and content creation.

XVELL Simulation Wellness

Motion Sickness and Simulator Sickness are significant challenges for many developers. NXRT recognised the problem and envisioned various methods, modifications and algorithms over the past few years, which all have one goal in common: Zero Sickness for Simulation Wellness.

MISHBILD Mixed Reality

MISHBILD is our AI-based spatial computing approach which replaces real-world areas with virtual graphics. The software combines the advantages of virtual reality, augmented, passthrough vision and superb performance. It allows a smooth transition between the real and virtual world.

UPLINK Sensor System

Small and precise sensors transform real movements like steering, accelerating, or braking into virtual inputs to steer the actual vehicle through the simulation. A room, the desk, power tools or even your body, almost anything can become part of a virtual experience in a fast and secure way.